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Racing "BAD BOY" White 1989 Ford Mustang V8 - and - "THE BOSS" Green 1996 Ford Mustang V8

The Down Under Racing Team

We race "BAD BOY" a 1989 Mustang Fox-Body and "THE BOSS"
a 1996 Mustang both race-prepared and tricked out with 5.0 V8s.

We race 24 Hours of LeMons and ChumpCar World Series Endurance Races. Races that range from 7-hours to 24-hours long! Race with us on great tracks. This is endurance racing for $500 cars. It's where first-timers dice with the pros. Why just watch? - When you can race! This is North America's opportunity for real, affordable, competitive road racing. This is real racing on real tracks with real cheap cars! LeMons and ChumpCar offer events at world famous tracks like Daytona, Sebring, Laguna Seca, Circuit of the Americas, and Watkins Glen.

LeMons offers over 25 races and ChumpCar puts on over 45 races a year all over North America! The cars may have started out as $500 crapcans, but now they are fast, and this is wheel-to-wheel endurance racing on some of the best road courses in North America! Want to drive with us in our next race? There is no cheaper way to go racing. Get in touch with us now!

Gordon Tronson
Gordon Tronson
(702) 521-5786

Jeff Wenger
Jeff Wenger
(702) 617-3300

Our Race Cars

Our race cars are "BAD BOY", a 1989 Ford Mustang Fox-body Race Car #7 (formerly #15) with a 5.0 Ford V8 and 5-speed transmission, and "THE BOSS", a 1996 Mustang Race Car #9 (formerly #16) also with a 5.0 Ford V8 high performance engine and 5-speed transmission. Both meet the stringent $500 cost requirement of ChumpCar racing! Our cars are substantially lightened and lowered and have had extensive race preparation and track tested modifications. The suspensions are stiffened and both cars have lots of horsepower with plenty of low-end torque. If you want to race your own Fox-body, AmericanMuscle has the best selection of parts, and you can always spend as much money as you want on safety equipment. Our race cars feature the following safety features and equipment:
  • Kill Switches
  • Professional Race Seats
  • Wideangle Sideview Mirrors
  • Five Panel Rearview Mirrors
  • 5 and 6 point Shoulder Harnesses
  • FAST Cool Shirt Systems for Your Cool Shirt
  • Heavy DOM Seamless Tubing Multi Point Roll Cages
  • Mounting Hardware including Anti-submarine Belts
  • AFFF Aqueous Foam Fire Suppression Systems
  • High Output Lighting for Night Racing
  • Transponders

Some of Our Past Races

June 16, 2012 14 Hour Race at Buttonwillow

June 16, 2012
Buttonwillow Raceway (Buttonwillow, CA)
"ChumpCar Pre-Father's Day Celebration"

The team of Cory Newberry, Jeff Wenger, Paul Johnson and Paul Johnson, Jr. participated and Cory, Jeff and Paul raced #15 BAD BOY. The race was called toward the end of the first day as a driver passed out from heat stroke and had to be taken to the hospital leaving the race track without an ambulance. We were just fine in the 100 degree plus heat though in our new Cool Shirts! BAD BOY performed well in the heat and we finished in the middle of the pack.

February 12, 2012 Laguna Seca 7 1/2 Hour Race

Race to AmericanMuscle for Boss Laguna Seca Wheels

February 12, 2012
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (Monterey, CA)
"Just Screwin' Around"

A Special Event 7 1/2-Hour Endurance Race at Laguna Seca
Daytime racing on the 1.8-Mile very twisty and hilly Road Course
The race started at 9:00am on Sunday and ended at 4:30pm.

The team of Cory Newberry, Jeff Wenger, Derek Bros and Don Andretti participated and Cory, Jeff and Derek raced the white #15 BAD BOY. A maximum 92dB noise restriction was strictly enforced by the county, but we passed with no problems. Despite a last minute fender flare job, the car was fast and ran almost flawlessly. A window net rail was welded back together in mid-race, and we managed to refuel efficiently without a fuel gauge. Our brakes finally gave out a half hour before the checkered flag but not before we all had over two hours of race time each on this exciting track.

October 15-16, 2011 Auto Club 14 Hour Race

October 14-16, 2011
Auto Club California Speedway (Fontana, CA)
"The L.A. Freeway Enduro"

A Double 7-Hour Endurance Race on Auto Club Speedway
Daytime racing on the inside 1.5-Mile, 18-Turn Road Course
Auto Club Speedway AKA California Speedway (Fontana, CA)
The race started at 9:00am on Saturday and 8:30am on Sunday.

The team of Gordon Tronson, Jeff Wenger, John Falb, Hugh Vujnovich, Lenny Pevna, Marcus Howchin, Wade Atteberry and Richard Inman worked hard to prepare the cars with a few days of track testing and many hours of pre-race preparation. Mid-race repairs included replacement of a harmonic balancer and rebuilding a transmission in just under two hours. A great time was had by all, and we finished Sunday 12th and 13th in our class, 14th and 15th overall.

June 18, 2011 Buttonwillow 14 Hour Race

June 18, 2011
Buttonwillow Raceway (Buttonwillow, CA)
"Summer Sunset 14"

It was a 14-hour endurance race at Buttonwillow with a Double-7 event all packed into one day. Both of our cars had rebuilt engines. We went the distance, and placed 12th with one exception class car ahead of us, so we ranked 11th!

The team of Gordon Tronson, John Falb, Cory Newberry, Abraham "Junior" Villasenor Jr, Andrew "Trigger" Triggs, Cort Smith, Marcello Divincenzo and yours truly raced #15 White TopGun DownUnder 1989 "BAD BOY" Mustang and #16 Green Topgun Mavericks 1996 "THE BOSS" Mustang in ChumpCar's "Summer Sunset 14" at Buttonwillow on Father's Day weekend.

The green flag dropped at 9am and #16 THE BOSS was still going strong at 5pm before retiring to be replaced with John's #42 EC Exception Class "Backup To The Backup Plan" 1999 Silver Spec Miata to give everyone a chance to drive the entire race.

Finally after a several hours of tightly contested night racing #15 BAD BOY put out all she had right up to the checked flag at 11pm with our newest race driver Marcello Divincenzo bringing it home! See results from previous races.

April 2, 2011

November 13, 2010

August 15, 2009

May 23, 2009

May 10, 2008

October, 2007 - Altamont

Contact Us

Team Owner
Gordon Tronson
Las Vegas, Nevada

Team Captain
Jeff Wenger
8635 West Sahara Avenue #614
Las Vegas, NV 89117
702-617-3300 Phone

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